Into The Unknown

Church and be damned

The final fight

As the Cuthberto Crucesignati searched the remaining areas of the church, dark forces had detected their presence and were preparing to move.

With a large supply of holy water, and a bless spell the central altar that had been desecrated with a dead body and unholy acts was purified by Lord Jaysen and Grithnir. Other members causally strolled round the church nave and waited to see what would happen. As the ritual was completed the alter was purified with holy forthe the very walls began to glow again with holy warmth of St Cuthbert. Enough holy water was available to purify the Iuz clerics armour which turned silver with St Cuthbert’s symbol on the front. Lord Jaysen had no problems claiming that it was his holy right to own such a thing.

Looking out through a stain glassed window, Aglardir noticed a single full plate mail clad figure stride up to the large doors. Using the butt of his scourge he knocked on the central doors. This figure in an unholy voice demanded that the puny paladin come out and play (Aglardir forgot to listen as soliloquies are best ignored). Various members of the the Crucesignati prepared themselves as best they could. Aglardir opened the door. The figure strode to the door entrance still spouting silly phrases allowing him to subtly summon some demons. As they appeared, Grithnir charged him as the others were engaged by the fire skinned demons. Fistandfootius began to successfully acid arrow his demon several times. Raymond and Bastard engaged two in the next door room. Aglardir stood at the door way and flailled pitifully. Jasen stood rock still and started to successfully to bash his demon in front of him. Grithnir began a completely unsuccessfully policy of miss and miss again, only to be hit by the Scourge of Wounding.

As Bastard slew his demon another was summoned, stopping him in his tracks. The others battled bravely. As Bastard, Raymond, Jaysen and Fistandfootius slew theirs, Aglardir had cunningly slipped past his demon only to be whacked by the scourge. As Aglardir began to cast his ultimate spell, the evil anti paladin calmly reached across and touched him. The very gentle nature of this act caused Aglardir to collapse into unconsciousness as the not so gentle lay on hands caused him immense pain and squirting blood. Raymond bravely strode forth into the combat. Grithnir continued to miss. Jaysen slew the final demon with his mace as Fistandfootius ran out of spells and charged into combat with his miss used stick. Bastard began to move into the combat area to stop the bleeding Aglardir.

Raymond was hit twice with the Scourge and also fell unconscious bleeding heavily. Bastard sighed and started to cure him as well. Grithnir missed. Jaysen failed to hold this unholy beast with his hold spell. Fistandfootius began to move into combat pretending to do something. As Bastard joined the combat after healing the heavily damaged Grithnir, Jaysen’s spell finally froze this anti paladin, just in time as Bastard’s scimitar sliced into the man’s brain. All was quiet in the Church except for the heavy breathing and incoherent rambling of Raymond and Aglardir. The rest of the Crucesignati hearing the sounds of battle outside left to investigate.

Finding that the population was in uprising against the rest of the red skinned lizards they joined in the looting of the were-creatures lair in the prison finding many shinny things. The Crucesignati returned to the church to rest and recount a successful day.



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