Into The Unknown

Down the Garden Path

Run away and beWere the danger

Cuthberto Crucesignati after forcefully negotiating-to-death two of the red lizard guards, decided that retreat might be the best option. This was reinforced by the solid sound of Bastard’s boots as he ran away guiltily from the scene of the Self defence. The Crucesignati, followed after a brief argument as to who was the slowest. Surprisingly, Fistandfootius displayed his extraordinary fitness by easily outpacing the fat wheezing fighter types, he arrived at the forest edge hardly puffing and paused to do some jumping jacks and push ups while waiting for the rest of the party. Proving his theory that an unfit mage is a dead mage. Ten minutes of puffing and panting later the rest of the Crucesignati made it to the forest edge to turn around and see a posse of figures leave the gate of the evil town chasing them. Two bat like shapes could be seen taking to the air in pursuit.

Bastard with his rudimentary command of the common tongue informed the Crucesignati that he was cutting a false trail as the rest staggered through the forest he was Sticks snapping, leavings falling and generally leaving a wide trail for anyone to follow. (All they actually heard was Bastard bastard bastard bastard! with a lot of accompanying gestures and assumed the tension and high fibre diet were causing an emergency stop)

As they puffed into a clearing the two Bat like creatures landed, (Fistandfootius went EEEEK in surprise and stood surprised and stunned. Nobody noticed.) One bat thing transformed into a red lizard man who attacked, while the other stayed in a bat form. Grithnir and Jaysen attacked the Lizard man with great success mightily wacking with their glowing sticks of holy power. Unfortunately, Raymond’s sword as it hit the side of the bat creature slid out and its wounds healed instantly. Gasp’s emerged from the Crucesignati throats, “Were Creatures, Lycanthropes, Unholy beastsAglardir’s magic sword seemed to weigh less and swung with ease as it hit deep into the Creature fighting Raymond. As Raymond’s magic dagger struck it’s side, it’s head threw back is a bestial roar. Aglardir, saw his chance and easily chopped it’s head off with one puny sweep of his mighty sword. The remaining Beast was bludgeoned into a mess on the ground by the devoted duo. During all of this Fistandfootius, stood at the back yelling encouraging comments like, “hey, I’ve got no spells” “Hit it , Hit it!” and “Ewwwww, dont let it near me I am intelligent

Bastard rejoined the Crucesignati saying that it was a complete success, no one could follow as 16 now obvious wererats surrounded the party. As the beasts attacked Aglardir threw some sand in the air for 2 to fall asleep. The Crucesignati stood back to back as the beasts began to bite and chew. Fistandfootius, mighty battle cry of “Defend me for I am a Mage and therefore more important than you” rang out across the battlefield as the others could do nothing as they were swarmed over.

Aglardir received a nasty bite as he failed to dodge due to the concentration of spell casting. Raymond discarded his non magical longsword in favour of a new shiny red bladed magical one that was found in the care of the priest of Iuz. He began to hack and slay with abandon. No one else noticed as they were two busy trying to survive. More sand was thrown in the air as two more rats slumped magically asleep. Bastard kept attempting to parry only to be repeated gnawed upon. Raymond began to grin and slobber as he continued to slay the wererats with now obvious glee. Fistandfootius, continued his supporting role by yelling encouragement like “Yuck Rats, cut their heads off” “Dont touch me I am a Mage of great power” and “You are abominations against Thermoregulation!

Aglardir began with “Wereslayer” his shiny longsword to slay the ones attacking Raymond. After all the beasts were slain Raymond continued to attack hacking at Bastard and then mightily chopping Grithnir as he failed to wrestle him to the ground. Even after Bastard disarmed Raymond with his sticks, the sword reappeared in his hand. Lord Jaysen attempted to freeze Raymond with a hold spell only to be rebuked for being a “silly man”. Luckily as things were about to turn even nastier, Raymond finally succumbed to Jaysen’s hold spell. Raymond was tied up and led back to the Village to receive some Chest like advice from the otherside of the chest gates. As they left the clearing they small voice of Fistandfootius clearly could be said “if only I had a spell memorized”.

After pooling all their resources, and sending vast amounts of tribute through the chest, two scimitars, and two scrolls were returned. One scroll was indeed a remove curse scroll enabling the berserk and cursed Raymond to be cured of his madness. The other was a magic scroll of Melf’s Magic Missile that caused Fistandfootius to giggle with the glee.

Boo the Raven, flying high over the forest alerted the beastmaster druid that three more creatures were tracking their trail towards the village. Bastard, it now claimed that it wasn’t his fault that everyone could follow his false trail back to the village. Cuthberto Crucesignati decided that an ambush would be the most viable idea. As the creatures entered the clearing where Grithnir, Fistandfootius and Jaysen were pretending to cook fish, Aglardir, Raymond and Bastard had camouflaged themselves to attack from the rear. Grithnir’s headache grew very strong as their evil was unveiled. As Aglardir shot one in the back it mere turned round and removed the arrow and it’s wound’s instantly healed. The Red lizardman’s faces began to distort and become lupine and fanged. The werewolves attacked. The one at the rear suddenly threw it’s hands over it’s eyes as it was blinded by a Light spell from Bastard. Raymond dagger and Aglardir’s Wereslayer chopped it into pieces. The remaining two beasts were injured by Jaysen and Grithnir before Raymond and Aglardir arrived to chop from the rear. Fistandfootius mightily stood at the back and boosted morale with encouraging cries of “Get out of the Bloodyway wont you!” “That will teach you for being both a Homeothermic and Poikilothermic creature at the same time” and “Dont hit me I can recite Pi to 25 places

Day ends as the Cuthberto Crucesignati arrived back at the village, more knowledgeable about the evil they now faced in the land.



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