Into The Unknown

Mine continuation (They Delved too deep)

Hell hath no furry (or "Hell hath 3 less Furries")

Cuthberto Crucesignati marched staunchly into room 18 with Bastard walking somewhat behind St Cuthbert’s Crusaders looking blank eyed and shuffling his oversized feet.

A cavern opened to a reveal an up turned and blood splattered ore cart and a pile of ore. Many Or… jokes were told to pacify the building dread amongst the Crucesignati. The next cavern a number of skeletons rushed towards the Crucesignati. Lord Jaysen was taken completely by surprise and stood rock still with horror and surprise written across his face. Aglardir bravely stood infront of Lord Jaysen to protected his surprised colleague. Grithnir strode forward and began to smite with heavenly forthe. Raymond began to purify with effectiveness as has become expected of him. Fistandfootius hid behind everyone, but popped up when their backs were turned and otherwise distracted. Lord Jaysen again dropped his holy symbol causing the undead to rush and attack him. After considerable effort the undead were destroyed.

The next cavern where a rock hidy place was discovered, where a magical mace, and dagger were discovered. Lord Jaysen destroyed the evil book accompanying them, the unholy symbol had it’s gems removed by Aglardir after verification of the “not evil intent” by Grithnir. Lord Jaysen still complained about the “taint” but still put the gems into HIS party treasure.

A downward cavern was ignored as the OCD (sorry CDO) of Lord Jaysen argued that any dungeon level must be completed before moving on.

More traipsing occurred, until the inexperienced party rounded a corner to discover 3 dark dwarves waiting behind a barricade armed with spears that were thrown for no effect. Aglardir remembered not to catch them with his juggling skill just in time. As the warrior types charged off, Aglardir put the dwarves to sleep with some thrown sand. An invisible engorged dwarf sudden appeared only to be out numbered and chopped down. Another invisible dwarf was found asleep. These were summarily executed for past crimes. Grithnir informed the party the evil intent was still evident and they set off to discover a priest of Iuz raising some zombies from bodies on the floor. Aglardir informed everyone that he had indeed cast a Animate Undead spell. (Duh) Raymond seeing his enemy immediately rushed past the slow undead to start missing the priest and fall unconscious with a single word. Aglardir missed the priest with two arrows. Jaysen failed to turn the undead. Grithnir splattered a zombie. Fisandfootius exclaimed “look zombies” and moved backwards. The high priest ran off as the zombies began to attack. The zombies were eventually defeated thanks to a team effort and spectacular rolling by Grithnir. Lord Jaysen
being so embarrassed at failing to turn, then failed to hit. Fistandfootius swung his staff as he had not spells left.

The high priest had run off down a tunnel and set off a lever causing the ceiling to collapse behind him. Good riddance indeed. Treasure was found in a chest behind the blood stained block. Necklace, Gems, Ring, Helm and a Druidic Scroll.

Cuthberto Crucesignati listened to the advice of Grithnir and headed back to the village to rest the night. Inside the hillside of St Cuthbert they discovered a note left inside one of chests from the Head of order of St Cuthbert saying that they also discovered another room with 4 chests. The Crucesignati put the found magic items inside of a chest with a note and payment asking for help. The next morning (much like christmas) the items were returned with a note explaining their use. The ring granted 18/00 strength was given to Grithnir in reward to his heroic defense of the Crucesignati. The Magical +2 dagger was given to Raymond because no one else could use it. The helm of opposite alignments was kept for amusing purposes. The Necklace of adaption was given to Fistandfootius.

Cuthberto Crucesignati after a hearty meal headed back to the mine and lower level. Down the slope the discovered the bodies of burnt and rendered dwarves. A magical shield and mace were found (given to Lord Jaysen). At the end of the slope 3 Hell hounds were discovered, where a variety of nappies were filled by the Crucesignati. Two of the Hell hounds attacked as Fistandfootius put the little puppy to sleep. The Hell hounds breathed causing less damage than expected, but everyone suffered burns from hell. Lord Jaysen sprouting puritanical euphoric misanthropia attacked one hell hound head on as Raymond struck it from the side. Grithnir engaged the remaining hell hound to receive a small wound. Aglardir had missed with his arrows and then moved to assist. Raymond slaughtered the first hell hound as Fistandfootius put the next one to sleep with more thrown sand. It and the puppy was euthanized.

The small pool was invetigated by a swimming Arlardir only to be muched on by a huge pool of fish. He escaped the pool crying about his bite marks. Cuthberto Crucesignati headed back to the village to rest and recuperate.


Bastard? Bastard. ?.


Do not forget we also discovered the missing miners and bought them back to the village for a proper burial. I would like to nominate Grithnir’s shield as player of the day, due to the amount of hit points it saved being pummeled out of Grithnir


Bastard bastard bastard bastard, Bastard? BASTARD!!!! …………..bastard bastard bastard.


Least we forget those dear wee children. It is an abomination that they were slain so cruely but also that they were allowed to play in the mines in the first place.

We must be careful giving praise to a mere object such as a shield least we fall to the worship of false idols. ALL PRAISE LORD SHIELD!


My Shield is a symbol of my FAITH in St Cuthbert and as such protects me from all Evil.

All this cursing is bringing me down. Maybe one of the mages can create an item that allows us to “Speak with Animals” or allows animals to speak to us…


Maybe comprehend languages would work? Or perhaps he can be trained to say “glory be Cuthbert” Or perhaps simply not say anything.

Except all those blows that connected and actually did damage of course. They were Cuthberts will, probably to teach you humility.

Fistandfootius has prayed nightly to find spells to cast and items of power to use to further St Cuthberts glory. Perhaps Grithner can intercede on his behalf as he surely did in the matter of the Ogre ring


Sorry translation from Bastard …. Looks like you guys had fun. Did he do anything? Or was he Mr Eric the Red?

Did he earn any XP? Noting with sad smile his friends being level 3 and Mr leader now same strength

On a side note he can use a Dagger but is more than happy to let his friends have it. What he would like is a pretty Scimitar as he is not proficient in the clubs he is using.

Those who would type Mace+2 should not have any spaces before the plus or it will underline everything after (looking at you Lord Jaysen).


It was a treasurepolloza for the fighter types. Although Fistandfootius is now immune to farting, body odour and will never have to worry about drowning ever again. You will need GM guidance on whether XP was divided appropriately enough to provide Bastard with some.
Grithnir is now a force to be reckoned with and has started to worship his shield… its a slippery slope to damnation, first the shield then Body fluid Daemons and sacrificing maidens.


The Dagger went to Raymond. XP from the day was (1/2 was 1257) for a grand total for multiclassed (+10%) of 2749XP…

Welcome to 2nd. And yes the Lawful people voted the treasure as no one diced with Aglardir.


Yes the dagger went to Raymond. But we almost had to force it into his non-cold living hand. I am sure if Bastard Whined imploringly and tugged at his pants then he might consider giving it up.


Grithnir does not worship his shield, it is just very useful.
I also found this in the Paladins book…

Paladins take their equipment seriously, and seek to own the best that money can buy. Not only does their equipment reflect the honor of their station; for some it symbolizes their principles.
• The shield represents the paladin’s vow to uphold his ethos.
• The sword represents the two constituencies he’s sworn to defend—one edge of the sword represents the privileged class, the other the common people.
• Armor represents loyalty to the state. Just as his armor protects his body, so must he protect his monarch.
• The helmet represents loyalty to the religion. Just as his helmet protects his head, so must he protect his church.
• Clothing, well-crafted and immaculately clean, represents purity of spirit.

Neat huh?


Very cool. So currently we can ascertain that

Sir Grithnir vows are taking a battering
One side of his sword is sharper than the other
He does not particularly like his monarch
He is giving consideration to changing churches

Hmm Me thinks that we need to find him some better equipment. We need to find a city or ask the church for some Platemail


So your mace, which has 1 side represents the privileged class? :)


My one sided Mace represents the intermingling of the common and priveledged to form a classless society all united under the benevolence of Stalin St Cuthbert.


A society where everyone is equal. But some are more equal than others.


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