Into The Unknown

Over the Wall

Over the Wall and into danger

As the Cuthberto Crucesignati debated as to how to attack the evil city, a spying mission (from Boo the Raven) revealed that the front gate had been defaced by crucified golden lizards, obviously as a warning to the Crusesignati. A plan was eventually hatched to pop over the rear wall and surprise the town. But how to get over the wooden palisade? No one could climb, and the members wearing plate mail armour would be required to be hoisted over using a lot of hoists, levers and pulleys. A plan for the creation of a ladder was hatched. To cut a long long long story short, the Crucesignati, turned round and returned to the village to buy a 15’ foot ladder. The Crucesignati then returned to the town at night with the ladder and a plan to scale the wall.

Unfortunately, the comedy crew were smiling as only the Elf and half elf could see at night, whereas the noble and silly humans continued to stumble and fall over and get lost. Eventually the sheep dog wrangling of Bastard was used to shepherd the humans together towards the wall.

The wall was scaled by Bastard, unfortunately making loads of noise for a curious guard to come patrolling along the wall. As the guard came along he immediately spotted the poorly hidden Bastard, but luckily fell off the wall asleep after some sand was thrown by Fistandfootius. Rather comicly he fell off the wall into the midst of the remainder of the Crusesignati waiting below. His whistle was blown despite being eventually cut down. The Ladder was scaled and the town breached before more lack luster guards approached. The Demi humans led the remainders through the town towards the temple.

After arriving at the temple the front door was the only one not locked. It had indeed been defiled into a church of Iuz. Bastard used the power of Ehlonna to cast Light on the staff of Fistandfootius. The front two doors inside the temple were immediately opened and investigated (Bastard and Grithnir to the left, Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite and Raymond to the right). Two Priests of Iuz were exposed and slain quickly. Aglardir had drawn his bow and stood watch in the middle of the temple. 4 more priests emerged fromt their cells to investigate the noise disturbing their evil prayers. Before the Priests could react a Priest was feathered with a double arrow shot from Aglardir. The Priests then released the combined power of Iuz, 4 Hold Person spells, but failed as Aglardir was protected by the Power of St Cuthbert. In the second round as a priest was put to sleep with a spell, Aglardir’s defenses were finally overcome by their unholy power, freezing him in place. The remaining Crusesignati charged at the priests, Fistandfootius bravely defended his frozen colleague. All the Crucesignati immediately ran off with a Command from the Priests as Fistandfootius put two more to sleep. The remaining priest was quickly slain by the returning Crucesignati.

Further investigation of the temple revealed a defiled alter and problem presented the Crucesignati. A door opened by the head priest of Iuz. Fortunately as he cast his very slow Flame Strike spell, the an Melf’s Acid Arrow from Fistandfootius hit him disrupting his spell. Bastard began to heat his armour with Heat Armour. A Hold Person spell fired from Jasen failled to penetrate the priests Free Action spell. The remianing cleric killers arrived and began to chop him to pieces as he was unable to concentrate due to his hot armour and continuing acid damage. As he slumped to the ground dead, the Crucesignati uttered a prayer of thanks. Raymond again just said “Justify” as he slew him with his trusty longsword. As the body slumped down Aglardir was able to see the magic armour and mace he was carrying.

Day ends.



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