Into The Unknown

Slings and Arrows

Starting out but travelling far

In the central plaza in the Free city of Greyhawk, the bells of the Catherdral to St Cuthbert began to ring though magical means. The party of unknown origins assembled to watch events unfold. Attempts to enter the bell tower failed. Physical force failed, even the high priest of St Cuthbert failed, as the organ in the Catherdral played by itself. A doorway appeared, to the surprise of the St Cuthbert Clerics. The high Priest saw the group staring in and asked them to investigate.

Cuthberto Crucesignati (St Cuthberts Crusaders) gathered their meagre equipment and prepared to investigate.

Entering the Portal went Grithnir, “Hammer of St Cuthbert” and Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite, followed by Raymond the Purifier and Bastard, lastly came the magical duo of Fistandfootius the Lightbringer and Aglardir.

Several corridors led off a central camber. The room on the left contained two alters and full of webs, as the Cuthberto Crucesignati arrived large spiders shuffled in to attack. One was wounded by darts as the spiders jumped into attack. Grithnir stood rock still in surprise. As the spiders engaged, they were splatted by well timed hits from Raymond, Bastard and Jaysen. Aglardir, being an elf moved and fired a well timed shot with his bow at another spider. A spider chomped on Bastard and pumped poison into his bloodstream. Bastard not surprisingly screamed BASTARD! The remaining spiders rushed in to be hacked into pieces by the group. Fortunately the High Priest of St Cuthbert managed to get to Bastard in time and neutralized the poison before it could do further harm. Several coins were found, prayers were uttered and Bastard said “Bastard!” more emphatically then he normally would have.

Upon investigation the opposite room held a swarm of Giant Labrador sized rats that attacked immediately. As the battle was joined several rats were splatted, Fistandfootius, anxious to make up for his no-show agains the spiders, cast a sleep spell causing the rest to fall asleep. The rats were put down as humanely (and Elfely) as possible, after being declared to be a risk to innocent life and a blasphamy against St Cuthbert. After the levers behind each of the alters was pulled, the portcullis blocking the route to another chamber opened.

In this chamber a black portal beckoned them. The High Priest strode though shaming the nervous nellies, who followed behind. Another chamber revealed itself. The High priest attempted to go back through the portal, but turned into a pile of goo on the ground. Several prayers were said by the religious types over his very dead corpse. A sign was read revealing that the portal was not working. Oppps and Onward. Outside of the complex revealed a small village and not the City of Greyhawk. They had obviously travelled by some gate to somewhere else. Several Golden lizard people approached the party from the village. Grithnir, glowing in his goodly radiance, strode forward and spoke gently. The Lizards revealed that they were under constant attack from evil and needed Cuthberto Crucesignati’s help. Grithnir immediately agreed to assist.

Cuthberto Crucesignati were barely inside the Village when a warning cry went up announcing that another attack was imminent. Rushing to the walls, revealed a force of Kobolds approaching from the forest. Once they reached 100 yards, Aglardir and Raymond began to empty their longbow quivers at the approaching enemy. The first wave of 10 were slain but another force of 10 left the forest only to also be cut down by bow-fire. Arrows soon became in short supply as another even larger force left the confines of the forest. Six were slain by arrows from Raymond and Darts thrown by Bastard. Several arrows were fired from the forest edge at the wall, presumably in an honorable effort to resupply the defenders dwindling supply of arrows. Two unlucky villages were hit and knocked off the wall, luckly Lord Jaysen was able to apply first aid and then cast Cure Light Wounds. The remaining party waited by the flimsy gate, brandishing swords Cudgels (and oddly Sand and Rose petals). As the gate bulged and finaly broke under attacks from a battering ram, Fistandfootius cast a Sleep spell putting 10 Kobolds to sleep as a mighty Burning Hands by Aglardir wounded many and strained the morale of the survivors. Hand to hand combat began. Grithnir, Jayden, Aglardir, Raymond and Bastard slew the wounded kobolds easily. The Hobgoblin on the wall retreated as his forces were destroyed.

The Cuthberto Crucesignati prayed, regrouped, and debated tracking the kobolds back to their lair. However, the villagers begged the party to help find their missing brethren in the local mine only one mile away. Never ones to turn down the oppurtunity to venture into black pits surrounded by hordes of foul chittering enemies the Cuthberto Crucesignati readily agreed.



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