Into The Unknown

Zombie O'Clock

mmmmm Brains

Cuthberto Crucesignati waited overnight at the village, enabling Jaysen to test the faith of the village about St Cuthbert. In the morning a stange event occurred, the local horse bowed to Grithnir as he passed then turned his but on Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite while Bastard giggled in the background. Continuing on they traipsed off towards the mine forgetting any light sources (The wide eyes of youth and inexperience don’t cut it).

Bastard upon seeing the entrance started imitate the Gulls flying nearby, saying “mine, mine, mine”. Cuthberto Crucesignati approached the entrance and the closed doors, prying them open to reveal a dark cavern, luckly by the entrance were a supply of oil and torches for the poorly equipped party.

Inside the entrance, the first chamber contained a ore smelting furnace and a pile of silver ore left lying around. Danger bells began to chime. Not knowing anything about metal craft Cuthberto Crucesignati left, passing a blood splattered wall, came across two lizardman miners. These stood up and started saying “brains mmm” raising their hands a beginning to shuffle in a zombie like fashion towards Cuthberto Crucesignati. Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite attempted to summon the power of St Cuthbert but forgot the words and dropped his holy symbol. Luckly the Bushwacking brothers of Bastard and Raymond the Purifier began the process of chopping the zombies to pieces. Cuthberto Crucesignati left the undead corpses lying where they were chopped and continued onwards.

As they approached a larger cavern Aglardir managed to observe some very poorly disguised rushes on the floor covering a pit. Cuthberto Crucesignati stopped and began to discuss best work and health saftey practices. Unfortunately, this is when 20 kobold rushed in and began to swarm. Aglardir obviously was looking down the short pit and was taken completely by surprise. The rest of Cuthberto Crucesignati began to hack and slay. Fistandfootius Lightbringer threw some sand in the air and began muttering the first words of a sleep spell, finishing off with a dramatic flourish as 12 slumped unconscious. Cuthberto Crucesignati on mass dispatched the rest with almost no injuries, the sleeping kobolds were inhumanely put down by Bastard. Searching for treasure resulted in almost nothing…

The next chamber contained a whole pile of dead kobolds who began to get up off the ground and mutter “brains mmm”. Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite strode forth and using the mighty power of St Cuthbert caused 8 of the 15 zombie kobolds to cower from St cuthberts mighty power. Battle was entered again by the Bushwacking brothers and Grithnir. Aglardir was again taken by surprise. Fistandfootius stood back realising that his comprehend languages spell might have no effect. Thankfully the zombies in combat were defeated, and the remaining poor creatures were shot to destruction by Aglardir and Raymond as the cowered from the after effects of St Cuthbert. Mighty treasure was found, including a pile of silver coins and gems. Debate raged inside Cuthberto Crucesignati as who should receive the funds. Lord Jaysen successful argued that as the highest member of the church of St Cuthbert in the region he should receive the tithe from Grithnir.

Carrying on through this very odd mine, Cuthberto Crucesignati came across a pile of bones, that evilly animated causing three ogre sized skeletons to arise. Again Lord Jaysen stepped forward causing these to shuffle backwards and hacked one at a time into small pieces by Grithnir, Bastard & Raymond.

A large cavern (not quite covered by light) revealed a water source, however, two crossbow bolts were shot at Aglardir from the darkness. Aglardir displayed his dancing qualities and dodged both bolts. The fighter types charged off into the darkness. Two Druegar dwarves dropped their crossbows and started swinging their picks. However behind them was a Druegar priest of IUZ. Both Rangers sworn to Iuz’s destruction simply ran round the waiting dwarves and began to chop the armoured priest to pieces. Aglardir and Grithnir engaged the Druegar pick swingers and missed. Finally Jaysen arrived and took a beating from on of the foul minions of Iuz, which resulted in the use of the healing skill and Cure Light Wounds spell. In the next round the priest was slaughtered by Bastard and Raymond, Grithnir knocked the first Druegar down, Aglardir missed. Grithnir shouted “surrender fiend in the name of St Cuthbert and all that is holy”. Unfortunately, remianing Druegar don’t speak common (only undercommon) and didn’t understand the kind sentiments from Grithnir, and continued on fighting, only to be surrounded and chopped down by a variety of blades and clubs.

Panting with exertion the Day ended. Sancti Cuthberti in lucem tenebras inducere



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