Defender of Elves, lover of books, deadly of the blade & magically attuned.


(Bladesinger Kit)

Level: 4/4     HP: 27     AC: 0 (Armour Spell)     Alignment: CG
STR 17, DEX 18, WIS 11, INT 18, CON 12, CHR 13

XP: 15303

Spells Memorized
Level One: Burning Hands. Magic Missile. Detect Magic. Sleep. Shield.
Level Two: Melf’s Acid Arrow x 2. Knock x2

Saving Throws:
13 Paralyzation, Poison Death Magic
11 Petrification, Polymorph
13 Rod, Staff, Wand ( +4 Dex)
15 Breath Weapon ( +4 Dex)
12 Spell ( +4 vs physical)

           Attacks 1 . Speed 4. THACO 13. Damage d8+3/d12+3
           Attacks 2 . Speed 7. THACO 15. Damage d8+1
           THACO 11 / 9 vs werecreatures

Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword. Longbow. Bladesong x2. Single weapon specialization x2. Two Weapon Specialization. Ambidextrous.

Non Weapon Proficiencies:
Blind-fighting, Riding, Land-based. Reading/Writing, Observation, Tumbling, Spellcraft, Juggling, Etiquette, Bowyer/Fletcher, Dancing, Musical (Pan Pipes), Singing. Appraisal. Carpentry.
Languages: Common, Elven, Goblin.

Spellbook, Clothes (Breeches, Vest, Soft Leather Boots, Belt), Longsword, Quiver, Longbow, 24 Broadleaf Arrows, Beltpouch x2, Backpack, Paper 5 sheets, Writing Kit, Bowyer/Fletcher Tools.
Belt pouch (capacity 250 – used 175 & 122) moneys: 163 gp. 112 sp. 6 cp. Gems: 50gp x1. 10gp x1.
9 arrows +1 . Longsword +1, +3 vs Werecreatures and Shapechangers

Spells Book:
Level One: Armour. Burning Hands. Comprehend Languages. Detect Magic. Erase. Magic Missile. Read Magic. Sleep. Shield. Unseen Servant. Wizard Mark
Level Two: Darkness 15’ Radius. Forget. Knock. Melf’s Acid Arrow.
Level Three: Flame Arrow. Lightning Bolt



  • +1 to hit and Damage, +2 to hit with special Manouvers ( +1 per 4 levels), +3 AC casting spells (level /2 +1 fractions rounded down)
  • no elf bonus to attack with bow, -1 with other weapons
  • will not attack another Elf, must led aid to an elf in need, advance elfdom at all times
  • Cannot learn two handed styles, Cannot use shields
  • Bonus Proficiencies: Blind fighting, Dancing

Bladesong. +2 AC. +2 to hit. or an Additional parry.

Innate Elven Abilities:

  • Elven characters have 90% resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells.
  • Bows and Short, Longsword +1 to hit
  • -4 to opponents surprise if 90’ away from non elves or halflings
  • Infravision 60’
  • Secret Door Detection, 2 in 6 not looking, 3 in 6 looking (combined with observation)
  • 50% resistant to disease
  • Resistant to Cold and Heat – No effect between 32oF (0oC) and 100oF (38oC)
  • Manifestation (at will) +3 on Reaction Checks. Enemies are at -3 reaction. Elves are immune
  • Communion: Bond with another Elf. Next Day bonus +2 Attack Rolls, -1 to AC
  • Move though Forest and natural terrian silently and almost invisibly. Detectable only though detect invisible
  • Bonus non Weapon Proficiencies Based on Age: Dancing, Musical (Pan Pipes), Singing

Elven Arrow Shots

  • Broken Charge Shot: Unhorse cavalry oponents unless pass Dex Test
  • Double Arrow Shot: Two arrows one target. +1 initiative, -1 Damage 2d8
  • Foot Shot: Must be seated. -1 to hit. +1 Damage
  • Hanging Tree Shot: -3 to hit. Opponents surprise at -6
  • Quick Draw Shot: Must be stationary. Multiple shots. First at 0, Second at -2, Third -4, Four -8, Five -16

Race: Elf. Gender: Male. Age: 160. Height: 5’6". Weight: 112 lbs

Homeland: Perrenland. Background: Trader/Barterer

Protect the Innocent Elf,
Never Harm Elves,
Always Give Elves Aid,
Live Long, Live Well,
Read a Book.

Aglardir’s name means Glory/Brilliance/Splendour (aglar) Young Man (dîr)


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