Simpleton who looks after the animals in the stables


Class(es) Druid / Ranger(Beastmaster)
Level 5 / 4
Age 32 Gender Male Height 5’ 9" Weight 180lb Race Half-Elven
Alignment: Neutral Good THAC0: 17
Full HP: 38 AC: 2
Experience Points: 15302

STR: 18/100 INT: 3 WIS: 17 DEX: 17 CON: 15 CHR: 15
ParaPoisonDeathMagic: 9 PetPolymorph: 12 RodsStavesWands: 13 BreathWeapon: 15 Spells: 14

Half-Elven Abilities
30% resistance to sleep and all-charm-related spells
Infravision 60’
Secret doors, passing 1 in 6, searching 2 in 6, Concealed 3 in 6

Druid Skills
Spells Memorised 5x 1st Level, 5x 2nd Level, Shape Wood, Snare
+2 Vs Fire/Electricity.
Additional woodland language (Elven, Dyrad, Trent)
Identify Plants, Animals, and pure water with perfect accuracy.
Pass through overgrown areas without leaving a trail and at full movement.

Ranger Skills
MS: 38% HiS: 45% CW: 50% (Mountaineering Skill)
Tracking, Species Enemy, Animal Empathy, Nature Lore, Survival
Beastmaster Abilities Animal Henchmen, Animal Telepathy, Animal Bonding
Hinderances Empathic Shock, Unruly Allies, Outcast

Scimitar x2 THAC0: 14 SF: 5 Damage: 1d8+6 Attacks: 2
Dart (Thrown) THAC0: 12 SF: 2 Damage: 1d3+6 / 1d2+6 Attacks: 3
Sling (Stone) THAC0: 14 SF: 6 Damage: 1d4+6 Attacks: 1 40/80/160

Weapon Proficiencies (5)
Scimitar, Dart, Dagger, Staff, Two Weapon Style

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (7)
Tracking(18), Survival(3), Alertness(19), Animal Handling(16), Animal Training(17), Direction Sense(18), Hunting(16), Mountaineering(-), Running(9)

Money Carried
PP 5 GP 9 SP 1 CP 8 Gems

Items Carried
Cloak(Waterproof), Boots – Soft, Gloves, Survival Kit, Holy Symbol, Large Saddle Bags, Sleeping bag, 50’ Silk Rope, Wineskin, Belt, Beltpouch(small) x2, Herbs.
Terrain Suit (Wis14 check for camourflage, Ranger Handbook pg101)
Armour: Leather+3
Weapons: Club x2, Darts x6, Dagger, Sling, Scimitar x2

Raven (Boo), INT 9, Size T, AC 7, MV 1(Fl 36B), HP 7, THAC0 20, Att 1, Dam 1, Cannot be surprised.
Direwolf (Scar), INT 4, Size L, AC 6, MV 18, HP 26, THAC0 15, Att 1, Dam 2d4, Mount


Bastard never knew his parents. The first recollections were the stables of St Cuthbert. Untrained and uneducated he was the forgotten child. His only friends were the animals he looked after. Finally a man came to look after a sick animal, noticed the boy…. “what’s your name?” all he got back was “Bastard”. The man took pity on him, petitioned the priests to let him teach him.

Which was granted. After many long years, the man returned him to St Cuthbert changed, slightly damaged (hit in the head with an arrow hence lost -1 INT), stronger with strange abilities. Bastard has been allowed in the stables ever since looking after the animals he loves.

At present he is a member of Cuthberto Crucesignati under the direction of Grithnir, “Hammer of St Cuthbert”.


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