Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite

Don't talk to me, commoner!

STR 16 INT 14 WIS 18 DEX 14 CON 15 CHR 14

Level 4 Priest (St Cuthbert)(Nobleborn Priest Kit)
Lawful Neutral
HP 27, AC 4 (Scale Mail (Shield+1)
XP: 7764

Natural THACO 20

THACO 16, 1 x Attack D6+4
THAC0 18, 1 x Attack D6+1
Sheild Parry
THAC0 19, 1 x Attack

Additional Equipment
Flask of Oil x 5

CP:19 SP:117 EP:1 GP:172 PP: GEMS: 2×100gp, 1×50gp, 1×10gp

Etiquette (14)
Heraldry (16)
Riding, Land Based (21)
Healing (16)
Reading/Writing (17)
religion (18)
Herbalism (14)
Local History – Priests (14)
Animal Training – general (18)
Dancing (14)

Major: Charm, Divination, healing, necromancer
Minor: combat, Protection
ADD: beguiling, speak with dead, create food and water, speak with plants, heroes feast, stone tell, succor, dispel evil, symbol, holy word

+3 reaction bonus to nobles of same culture, +2 to nobles of other cultures
May only purchase high quality gear (x2 minimum cost), will purchase mundane gear if broke but must replace as soon as possible or face the scorn of other nobles
At 4th level gain esp 1/day

Skeletons T
Zombies 4
Ghoul 7
Shadow 10
Wight 13
Ghast 16
Wraith 19
Mummy 20


Lord Hastlewaite is the youngest son of four and grew up in a pampered home and has a noble’s distaste for the common man. Being the youngest, Jaysen was never going to inherit the Hastlewaite estate and was sent to the local temple to enter the priesthood as befitted a Lord’s son.

Jaysen took to his studies eagerly, but could not hide his distain of commoners adn would often avoid working with them as much as possible, But when unavoidable he did not enjoy his work, nor did he hide his disgust at doing so.

The church of St Cuthbert has tried hard to help Hastlewaite overcome his distain of the common man. They hope that spending more time with commoners will show him that they are just the same as him…..so far it hasn’t worked.

Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite

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