Saint Cuthbert

St. Cuthbert (Lesser Deity)

Alignment: Lawful good (Lawful neutral)
Worshippers Alignment: Lawful good,Lawful neutral
Spheres of Control: Wisdom, Dedication, Zeal
Symbol: Wooden billet, Starburst, Crumpled Hat
Colour(s): Brown, green
Plane: Arcadia

St. Cuthbert, the patron of common sense, truth, and forthrightness,
has a large following, and many wayside shrines
and small, crude chapels dedicated to his worship are scattered
throughout the Flanaess. His worshippers are most
numerous in the Central Flanaess, in the City of
Greyhawk and vicinity, the Wild Coast, Urnst, and Verbobonc.
In these areas his places of worship are large, elaborate,
and well-maintained. There is a great personal
enmity between St. Cuthbert and Iuz.

St. Cuthbert’s Clerics

Alignment: Lawful good or Lawful neutral
Rainment: see below
Additional Exp Cost: none
Weapons: club*, flail, mace*, staff*, sling
Spheres: Charm, Combat (minor), Divination, Protection (minor), Healing,
Special: see below
Additional Spell(s): Beguiling(see below), Speak with Dead, Create Food and Water,
Speak with Plants, Heroes’ Feast, Stone Tell, Succor, Dispel Evil, Symbol, Holy Word

*The Cleric needs to be proficient with these weapons before any others

St. Cuthbert’s priesthood is divided into three orders:
the Chapeaux, the Stars, and the Billets. There is a great
rivalry between the followers of St. Cuthbert and those of
Pholtus of the Blinding Light.

The Chapeaux dress in varying garb, but all wear crumpled
hats of brown and green tartan with St. Cuthbert’s
starburst symbol, in copper, pinned to them. The Chapeaux
seek to convert people to the faith. Beginning at third
level, Chapeaux can cast one shillelagh spell per day. The
spell is cast at the cleric’s level.

The Stars wear dark green robes with the starburst in
copper, gold, or platinum, depending on the cleric’s status.
Stars seek to retain doctrinal purity among the faithful. They
tolerate no backsliding. Most Stars (70%) are lawful
neutral. Beginning at fourth level, Stars can cast one ESP
spell per day. The spell is cast at the cleric’s level.

The Billets are the most numerous of St Cuthbert’s clerics.
They dress in simple brown and russet garments and
wear St. Cuthbert’s cudgel symbol in oak or bronze-wood.
Billets minister to and protect the faithful, most (70%) are
lawful good. Beginning at second level, Billets can cast one
friends spell per day. The spell is cast at the cleric’s level.

Beguiling (Enchantment/Charm)
Level: 2
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 5 segs.
Range: touch
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: Negates
Area of Effect: Special

This spell imbues the cleric’s bronzewood or oaken cudgel
with the power to charm an opponent by touch. The cleric
can opt to attempt a non-damaging touch, or a normal
melee attack. In either case, the target must save vs. spells
when a hit is scored or be charmed. Should the cleric opt to
make a damaging attack, however, each point of damage
the target suffers from a hit gives a + 1 bonus to the save (a
roll of a “1” always fails).
Charmed creatures regard the cleric as their comrade,
friend, or mentor, treating the cleric with love and respect,
and trusting him or her implicitly. If communication is possible,
the charmed creature will obey the cleric to the best
of its ability as long as the instructions seem plausible and
do not obviously consign the creature to needless injury,
loss, or violation of alignment.
Charmed creatures remain so for 2d10 rounds. This spell
is particularly useful for getting incorrigibles to listen to
the teachings of St. Cuthbert or to contribute to worthy
If this spell is used in conjunction with a shillelagh spell,
the victim saves at – 1. The dweomer lasts three rounds
plus one round per cast level, or until the cleric scores a successful
hit with the cudgel, whichever comes first.

Saint Cuthbert

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