Into The Unknown

Gate to Iuz
Trouble at the fence

As the Crucesignati waited in the village assisting them to get back on their feet and generally doing good works, a farmer’s wife coming running into the town saying that her husband had vanished after checking the fences last night. Like a shot the Crucesignati agreed to investigate this conundrum.

Unfortunately, both Rangers investigating the area immediately poked themselves in the eye and failed to find the tracks of the 10 possible orcs who had kidnapped the farmer. A search line was initiated and they traipsed off into the woods only the loose the tracks again. A different approach of bait and trap was started. Raymond disquised others, but not himself as Fistandfootius stood as bait. Fortunately, he wasn’t required as the orcs left the forest and sacrifice the farmer with a blood knife in an evil circle, before anyone could say “hey”. The Crucesignati immediately sprinted over towards the orcs and began to lightning bolt, and sleep spells and hack the orcs into smaller pieces. Unfortunately, the gate remained open as more evil creatures were entering. 10 more orcs, smoke demons, ogre, and hill giant and then a fire giant.

Aglardir stayed on the left flank hacking badly at demons as the rangers slew the right flank with well timed hacks. Grithnir and Lord Jaysen boldly stood into the middle and summoned the big bads towards them with taunting and general stupidity. Fistandfootius stood back and cast his most devastating spells with great effect. The hill giant was engaged and slain by the Rangers in a most efficient manner. The Fire giant then emerged through the portal and began to attack the gaggle of fighers types. As Grithnir deflected the ogres club, he was struck by the Fire Giant, wounding him mightily. Grithnir finished off the ogre, heavily wounded by a powerful flame arrow from Fistandfootius. Eventually, after much damage was avoided, the Fire Giant was slain, through a combined team effort. An even larger black shape could be seen beginning to emerge from the portal, an adult Black Dragon. Crucesignati pants were full as Aglardir finally realized the folly of staying to hack the evil as it came through the gate and rushed over to pulled to pulsating dagger from the dead farmers back. The gate closed trapping the frustrated TPK dragon on the other side, and completely saving the day. All hail the smart quick thinking of the elf!

Day ends as wounds were bound.

Church and be damned
The final fight

As the Cuthberto Crucesignati searched the remaining areas of the church, dark forces had detected their presence and were preparing to move.

With a large supply of holy water, and a bless spell the central altar that had been desecrated with a dead body and unholy acts was purified by Lord Jaysen and Grithnir. Other members causally strolled round the church nave and waited to see what would happen. As the ritual was completed the alter was purified with holy forthe the very walls began to glow again with holy warmth of St Cuthbert. Enough holy water was available to purify the Iuz clerics armour which turned silver with St Cuthbert’s symbol on the front. Lord Jaysen had no problems claiming that it was his holy right to own such a thing.

Looking out through a stain glassed window, Aglardir noticed a single full plate mail clad figure stride up to the large doors. Using the butt of his scourge he knocked on the central doors. This figure in an unholy voice demanded that the puny paladin come out and play (Aglardir forgot to listen as soliloquies are best ignored). Various members of the the Crucesignati prepared themselves as best they could. Aglardir opened the door. The figure strode to the door entrance still spouting silly phrases allowing him to subtly summon some demons. As they appeared, Grithnir charged him as the others were engaged by the fire skinned demons. Fistandfootius began to successfully acid arrow his demon several times. Raymond and Bastard engaged two in the next door room. Aglardir stood at the door way and flailled pitifully. Jasen stood rock still and started to successfully to bash his demon in front of him. Grithnir began a completely unsuccessfully policy of miss and miss again, only to be hit by the Scourge of Wounding.

As Bastard slew his demon another was summoned, stopping him in his tracks. The others battled bravely. As Bastard, Raymond, Jaysen and Fistandfootius slew theirs, Aglardir had cunningly slipped past his demon only to be whacked by the scourge. As Aglardir began to cast his ultimate spell, the evil anti paladin calmly reached across and touched him. The very gentle nature of this act caused Aglardir to collapse into unconsciousness as the not so gentle lay on hands caused him immense pain and squirting blood. Raymond bravely strode forth into the combat. Grithnir continued to miss. Jaysen slew the final demon with his mace as Fistandfootius ran out of spells and charged into combat with his miss used stick. Bastard began to move into the combat area to stop the bleeding Aglardir.

Raymond was hit twice with the Scourge and also fell unconscious bleeding heavily. Bastard sighed and started to cure him as well. Grithnir missed. Jaysen failed to hold this unholy beast with his hold spell. Fistandfootius began to move into combat pretending to do something. As Bastard joined the combat after healing the heavily damaged Grithnir, Jaysen’s spell finally froze this anti paladin, just in time as Bastard’s scimitar sliced into the man’s brain. All was quiet in the Church except for the heavy breathing and incoherent rambling of Raymond and Aglardir. The rest of the Crucesignati hearing the sounds of battle outside left to investigate.

Finding that the population was in uprising against the rest of the red skinned lizards they joined in the looting of the were-creatures lair in the prison finding many shinny things. The Crucesignati returned to the church to rest and recount a successful day.

Over the Wall
Over the Wall and into danger

As the Cuthberto Crucesignati debated as to how to attack the evil city, a spying mission (from Boo the Raven) revealed that the front gate had been defaced by crucified golden lizards, obviously as a warning to the Crusesignati. A plan was eventually hatched to pop over the rear wall and surprise the town. But how to get over the wooden palisade? No one could climb, and the members wearing plate mail armour would be required to be hoisted over using a lot of hoists, levers and pulleys. A plan for the creation of a ladder was hatched. To cut a long long long story short, the Crucesignati, turned round and returned to the village to buy a 15’ foot ladder. The Crucesignati then returned to the town at night with the ladder and a plan to scale the wall.

Unfortunately, the comedy crew were smiling as only the Elf and half elf could see at night, whereas the noble and silly humans continued to stumble and fall over and get lost. Eventually the sheep dog wrangling of Bastard was used to shepherd the humans together towards the wall.

The wall was scaled by Bastard, unfortunately making loads of noise for a curious guard to come patrolling along the wall. As the guard came along he immediately spotted the poorly hidden Bastard, but luckily fell off the wall asleep after some sand was thrown by Fistandfootius. Rather comicly he fell off the wall into the midst of the remainder of the Crusesignati waiting below. His whistle was blown despite being eventually cut down. The Ladder was scaled and the town breached before more lack luster guards approached. The Demi humans led the remainders through the town towards the temple.

After arriving at the temple the front door was the only one not locked. It had indeed been defiled into a church of Iuz. Bastard used the power of Ehlonna to cast Light on the staff of Fistandfootius. The front two doors inside the temple were immediately opened and investigated (Bastard and Grithnir to the left, Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite and Raymond to the right). Two Priests of Iuz were exposed and slain quickly. Aglardir had drawn his bow and stood watch in the middle of the temple. 4 more priests emerged fromt their cells to investigate the noise disturbing their evil prayers. Before the Priests could react a Priest was feathered with a double arrow shot from Aglardir. The Priests then released the combined power of Iuz, 4 Hold Person spells, but failed as Aglardir was protected by the Power of St Cuthbert. In the second round as a priest was put to sleep with a spell, Aglardir’s defenses were finally overcome by their unholy power, freezing him in place. The remaining Crusesignati charged at the priests, Fistandfootius bravely defended his frozen colleague. All the Crucesignati immediately ran off with a Command from the Priests as Fistandfootius put two more to sleep. The remaining priest was quickly slain by the returning Crucesignati.

Further investigation of the temple revealed a defiled alter and problem presented the Crucesignati. A door opened by the head priest of Iuz. Fortunately as he cast his very slow Flame Strike spell, the an Melf’s Acid Arrow from Fistandfootius hit him disrupting his spell. Bastard began to heat his armour with Heat Armour. A Hold Person spell fired from Jasen failled to penetrate the priests Free Action spell. The remianing cleric killers arrived and began to chop him to pieces as he was unable to concentrate due to his hot armour and continuing acid damage. As he slumped to the ground dead, the Crucesignati uttered a prayer of thanks. Raymond again just said “Justify” as he slew him with his trusty longsword. As the body slumped down Aglardir was able to see the magic armour and mace he was carrying.

Day ends.

Down the Garden Path
Run away and beWere the danger

Cuthberto Crucesignati after forcefully negotiating-to-death two of the red lizard guards, decided that retreat might be the best option. This was reinforced by the solid sound of Bastard’s boots as he ran away guiltily from the scene of the Self defence. The Crucesignati, followed after a brief argument as to who was the slowest. Surprisingly, Fistandfootius displayed his extraordinary fitness by easily outpacing the fat wheezing fighter types, he arrived at the forest edge hardly puffing and paused to do some jumping jacks and push ups while waiting for the rest of the party. Proving his theory that an unfit mage is a dead mage. Ten minutes of puffing and panting later the rest of the Crucesignati made it to the forest edge to turn around and see a posse of figures leave the gate of the evil town chasing them. Two bat like shapes could be seen taking to the air in pursuit.

Bastard with his rudimentary command of the common tongue informed the Crucesignati that he was cutting a false trail as the rest staggered through the forest he was Sticks snapping, leavings falling and generally leaving a wide trail for anyone to follow. (All they actually heard was Bastard bastard bastard bastard! with a lot of accompanying gestures and assumed the tension and high fibre diet were causing an emergency stop)

As they puffed into a clearing the two Bat like creatures landed, (Fistandfootius went EEEEK in surprise and stood surprised and stunned. Nobody noticed.) One bat thing transformed into a red lizard man who attacked, while the other stayed in a bat form. Grithnir and Jaysen attacked the Lizard man with great success mightily wacking with their glowing sticks of holy power. Unfortunately, Raymond’s sword as it hit the side of the bat creature slid out and its wounds healed instantly. Gasp’s emerged from the Crucesignati throats, “Were Creatures, Lycanthropes, Unholy beastsAglardir’s magic sword seemed to weigh less and swung with ease as it hit deep into the Creature fighting Raymond. As Raymond’s magic dagger struck it’s side, it’s head threw back is a bestial roar. Aglardir, saw his chance and easily chopped it’s head off with one puny sweep of his mighty sword. The remaining Beast was bludgeoned into a mess on the ground by the devoted duo. During all of this Fistandfootius, stood at the back yelling encouraging comments like, “hey, I’ve got no spells” “Hit it , Hit it!” and “Ewwwww, dont let it near me I am intelligent

Bastard rejoined the Crucesignati saying that it was a complete success, no one could follow as 16 now obvious wererats surrounded the party. As the beasts attacked Aglardir threw some sand in the air for 2 to fall asleep. The Crucesignati stood back to back as the beasts began to bite and chew. Fistandfootius, mighty battle cry of “Defend me for I am a Mage and therefore more important than you” rang out across the battlefield as the others could do nothing as they were swarmed over.

Aglardir received a nasty bite as he failed to dodge due to the concentration of spell casting. Raymond discarded his non magical longsword in favour of a new shiny red bladed magical one that was found in the care of the priest of Iuz. He began to hack and slay with abandon. No one else noticed as they were two busy trying to survive. More sand was thrown in the air as two more rats slumped magically asleep. Bastard kept attempting to parry only to be repeated gnawed upon. Raymond began to grin and slobber as he continued to slay the wererats with now obvious glee. Fistandfootius, continued his supporting role by yelling encouragement like “Yuck Rats, cut their heads off” “Dont touch me I am a Mage of great power” and “You are abominations against Thermoregulation!

Aglardir began with “Wereslayer” his shiny longsword to slay the ones attacking Raymond. After all the beasts were slain Raymond continued to attack hacking at Bastard and then mightily chopping Grithnir as he failed to wrestle him to the ground. Even after Bastard disarmed Raymond with his sticks, the sword reappeared in his hand. Lord Jaysen attempted to freeze Raymond with a hold spell only to be rebuked for being a “silly man”. Luckily as things were about to turn even nastier, Raymond finally succumbed to Jaysen’s hold spell. Raymond was tied up and led back to the Village to receive some Chest like advice from the otherside of the chest gates. As they left the clearing they small voice of Fistandfootius clearly could be said “if only I had a spell memorized”.

After pooling all their resources, and sending vast amounts of tribute through the chest, two scimitars, and two scrolls were returned. One scroll was indeed a remove curse scroll enabling the berserk and cursed Raymond to be cured of his madness. The other was a magic scroll of Melf’s Magic Missile that caused Fistandfootius to giggle with the glee.

Boo the Raven, flying high over the forest alerted the beastmaster druid that three more creatures were tracking their trail towards the village. Bastard, it now claimed that it wasn’t his fault that everyone could follow his false trail back to the village. Cuthberto Crucesignati decided that an ambush would be the most viable idea. As the creatures entered the clearing where Grithnir, Fistandfootius and Jaysen were pretending to cook fish, Aglardir, Raymond and Bastard had camouflaged themselves to attack from the rear. Grithnir’s headache grew very strong as their evil was unveiled. As Aglardir shot one in the back it mere turned round and removed the arrow and it’s wound’s instantly healed. The Red lizardman’s faces began to distort and become lupine and fanged. The werewolves attacked. The one at the rear suddenly threw it’s hands over it’s eyes as it was blinded by a Light spell from Bastard. Raymond dagger and Aglardir’s Wereslayer chopped it into pieces. The remaining two beasts were injured by Jaysen and Grithnir before Raymond and Aglardir arrived to chop from the rear. Fistandfootius mightily stood at the back and boosted morale with encouraging cries of “Get out of the Bloodyway wont you!” “That will teach you for being both a Homeothermic and Poikilothermic creature at the same time” and “Dont hit me I can recite Pi to 25 places

Day ends as the Cuthberto Crucesignati arrived back at the village, more knowledgeable about the evil they now faced in the land.

The Battle of Big Circle Clearing
Assault on the foul Enemies forest stronghold

Cuthberto Crucesignati enjoyed a well earned rest in the village after the adventures down the mine. A Raven was befriended by Bastard who with this druidic powers learnt how to see using its eyes. As Bastards eyes rolled backwards exposing only the whites, his head tilted backwards and a small crowing noise eniminated from his pursed lips. After several moments he returned to normal informing the Crucesignati that a force of hobgoblins and goblins were approaching through the forest. (clearly a comprehend languages spell was involved somewhere) Aglardir left quickly to scout out the forest using his elven camouflage techniques and his ability to smell like pinecones.

The Hobgoblins and goblins charged out of the forest only to be shot at and killed by a very powerful sling from Bastard, arrows from Raymond, a surprising (that it hit) sling stone from Fistandfootius and a ninja like shot from Aglidar from the forest that struck a goblin in back. As the Attacking force got closer more were shot down by the Crucesignati, including a Hobgoblin doing the best Platoon impersonation as it was shot in the back by Agalardir. Several more goblins became entangled in the area by a Bastard drudic spell.
Eventually the hobgoblins reached the wall only to be mowed down by the ballista like, thrown dart machine gun that is Bastard. The Goblins joined the fray at the gate, only to fall asleep as more sand was thrown by Fistandfootius. The remaining Hobgoblin was very quickly dispatched as the gates were opened and Grithnir and Lord Jasen attacked. The Entangled goblins in the field were euthanized. Cuthberto Crucesignati after absolutely no debate decided to track the attackers back to their lair.

With Raymond and Bastards tracking ability a half mile out into the forest a goblin encampment was found. Thanks to Raymond’s planning ability the Cuthberto Crucesignati gained surprise and rushed out of the forest and into the emeny camp before the Goblins knew what hit them. Eight died in the first round, all with surprised expressions on their faces. The remaining were slaughted quickly in the next minute, all with angry expressions on their faces. A search of the camp uncovered the body of a ranger tied up inside the central pavilion. He was found to be wearing a magical longsword +1 and studded leather armour +1 . Some large amount of coins were counted and divided up. Raymond was presented the armour in recognition of his planning ability, while Aglardir had to argue strenuously that he deserved the longsword (but was given it despite this).

More tracks lead out of the clearing towards the distance. Bastard led the way as Raymond had unfortunately poked himself in the eye with his new armour and claimed he couldn’t find an elephant next to him. After 10 miles trek through the forest another encampment was found. Agalardir scouted the peripheral to reveal an Altar and six large tents. Raymond planned the perfect attack again (which basically involved shooting the guards until the enraged creatures attacked and then slaughtering them, subtlety thy name is Raymond). Aglardir shot the first goblin guard as he stood surprised and then the second as the force of Cuthberto Crucesignati led by Grithnir emerged from the forest to entice the goblins and hobgoblins to attack. Fistandfootius stood behind the party and put a large grouping of goblins to sleep as they charged in. Most of the first wave of hobgoblins and goblins died attacking Cuthberto Crucesignati in the first round. However more Hobgoblins, an ogre and a force of bugbears emerged from tents and charged to attack.
The Hobgoblins were quickly cut down by Raymond and Bastard, Jaysen and Aglardir blocked the bugbears from attacking Fistandfootius, while Grithnir attacked the Ogre. Grithnir cleverly managed to block the ogre’s improvised club (made from an entire bed) with his shield. Fistandfootius put two of the bugbears to sleep with his sleep spell. The Cuthberto Crucesignati were affected by some evil magic but carried on anyway. Fistandfootius spotted the evil cleric in a nearby tent and shouted a warning. He briefly pondered casting Armour on him before thinking better of it and doing nothing. Bastard on hearing the rumour of an evil cleric ran off through the tents but didn’t spot anything.

The Ogre was slain by Raymond and Bastard as Grithnir cleverly blocked the large bed club again. The dead hobgoblins arose from the ground as Zombies, but Lord Jaysen asked them to go away in St Cuthbert’s name and they shuffled off. Aglardir stood toe to belly button with the bugbears hacking away to small effect. Fistandfoorius stood behind him shouting encouragement and threatening the Bugbears with dire 2nd level Magics.
Finally after his zombies were scared off, the plate mail wearing cleric of Iuz emerged from the tent to attack Grithnir, apparently oblivious to Bastard and the puritanical Raymond lurking nearby. Raymond and Bastard took great joy, but little time, in dispatching the dark gods minion. Grithnir swinging at empty air again left to join the fight against the Bugbears with Jaysen and Aglardir. The bugbears were eventually slain as the zombies were dispatched by Raymond and Bastard. A search of the camp revealed the blood stained Altar and little treasure (some gems and magical arrows). The Alter was purified and destroyed by Lord Jaysen as the cleric’s evil armour was cleaned and given to Grithir.

Cuthberto Crucesignati continued to follow the tracks leading to a fortified town. The smiling Grithnir approached some peasant lizardman working in the fields. They gave a noncommittal response to his polite enquires so the Crucesignati continued towards the town’s gate. Two guards were approached by Grithnir who exclaimed that it was ok as he was a Paladin of St Cuthbert. Clearly in their language Paladin mean travelling cart salesman or politician as they attacked immediately. In defense of their own the Cuthberto Crucesignati attacked and killed the guards quickly, before deciding to retreat. (RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!)

Day ends as the Cuthberto Crucesignati retreated back to the forest to consider their options.

Mine continuation (They Delved too deep)
Hell hath no furry (or "Hell hath 3 less Furries")

Cuthberto Crucesignati marched staunchly into room 18 with Bastard walking somewhat behind St Cuthbert’s Crusaders looking blank eyed and shuffling his oversized feet.

A cavern opened to a reveal an up turned and blood splattered ore cart and a pile of ore. Many Or… jokes were told to pacify the building dread amongst the Crucesignati. The next cavern a number of skeletons rushed towards the Crucesignati. Lord Jaysen was taken completely by surprise and stood rock still with horror and surprise written across his face. Aglardir bravely stood infront of Lord Jaysen to protected his surprised colleague. Grithnir strode forward and began to smite with heavenly forthe. Raymond began to purify with effectiveness as has become expected of him. Fistandfootius hid behind everyone, but popped up when their backs were turned and otherwise distracted. Lord Jaysen again dropped his holy symbol causing the undead to rush and attack him. After considerable effort the undead were destroyed.

The next cavern where a rock hidy place was discovered, where a magical mace, and dagger were discovered. Lord Jaysen destroyed the evil book accompanying them, the unholy symbol had it’s gems removed by Aglardir after verification of the “not evil intent” by Grithnir. Lord Jaysen still complained about the “taint” but still put the gems into HIS party treasure.

A downward cavern was ignored as the OCD (sorry CDO) of Lord Jaysen argued that any dungeon level must be completed before moving on.

More traipsing occurred, until the inexperienced party rounded a corner to discover 3 dark dwarves waiting behind a barricade armed with spears that were thrown for no effect. Aglardir remembered not to catch them with his juggling skill just in time. As the warrior types charged off, Aglardir put the dwarves to sleep with some thrown sand. An invisible engorged dwarf sudden appeared only to be out numbered and chopped down. Another invisible dwarf was found asleep. These were summarily executed for past crimes. Grithnir informed the party the evil intent was still evident and they set off to discover a priest of Iuz raising some zombies from bodies on the floor. Aglardir informed everyone that he had indeed cast a Animate Undead spell. (Duh) Raymond seeing his enemy immediately rushed past the slow undead to start missing the priest and fall unconscious with a single word. Aglardir missed the priest with two arrows. Jaysen failed to turn the undead. Grithnir splattered a zombie. Fisandfootius exclaimed “look zombies” and moved backwards. The high priest ran off as the zombies began to attack. The zombies were eventually defeated thanks to a team effort and spectacular rolling by Grithnir. Lord Jaysen
being so embarrassed at failing to turn, then failed to hit. Fistandfootius swung his staff as he had not spells left.

The high priest had run off down a tunnel and set off a lever causing the ceiling to collapse behind him. Good riddance indeed. Treasure was found in a chest behind the blood stained block. Necklace, Gems, Ring, Helm and a Druidic Scroll.

Cuthberto Crucesignati listened to the advice of Grithnir and headed back to the village to rest the night. Inside the hillside of St Cuthbert they discovered a note left inside one of chests from the Head of order of St Cuthbert saying that they also discovered another room with 4 chests. The Crucesignati put the found magic items inside of a chest with a note and payment asking for help. The next morning (much like christmas) the items were returned with a note explaining their use. The ring granted 18/00 strength was given to Grithnir in reward to his heroic defense of the Crucesignati. The Magical +2 dagger was given to Raymond because no one else could use it. The helm of opposite alignments was kept for amusing purposes. The Necklace of adaption was given to Fistandfootius.

Cuthberto Crucesignati after a hearty meal headed back to the mine and lower level. Down the slope the discovered the bodies of burnt and rendered dwarves. A magical shield and mace were found (given to Lord Jaysen). At the end of the slope 3 Hell hounds were discovered, where a variety of nappies were filled by the Crucesignati. Two of the Hell hounds attacked as Fistandfootius put the little puppy to sleep. The Hell hounds breathed causing less damage than expected, but everyone suffered burns from hell. Lord Jaysen sprouting puritanical euphoric misanthropia attacked one hell hound head on as Raymond struck it from the side. Grithnir engaged the remaining hell hound to receive a small wound. Aglardir had missed with his arrows and then moved to assist. Raymond slaughtered the first hell hound as Fistandfootius put the next one to sleep with more thrown sand. It and the puppy was euthanized.

The small pool was invetigated by a swimming Arlardir only to be muched on by a huge pool of fish. He escaped the pool crying about his bite marks. Cuthberto Crucesignati headed back to the village to rest and recuperate.

Zombie O'Clock
mmmmm Brains

Cuthberto Crucesignati waited overnight at the village, enabling Jaysen to test the faith of the village about St Cuthbert. In the morning a stange event occurred, the local horse bowed to Grithnir as he passed then turned his but on Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite while Bastard giggled in the background. Continuing on they traipsed off towards the mine forgetting any light sources (The wide eyes of youth and inexperience don’t cut it).

Bastard upon seeing the entrance started imitate the Gulls flying nearby, saying “mine, mine, mine”. Cuthberto Crucesignati approached the entrance and the closed doors, prying them open to reveal a dark cavern, luckly by the entrance were a supply of oil and torches for the poorly equipped party.

Inside the entrance, the first chamber contained a ore smelting furnace and a pile of silver ore left lying around. Danger bells began to chime. Not knowing anything about metal craft Cuthberto Crucesignati left, passing a blood splattered wall, came across two lizardman miners. These stood up and started saying “brains mmm” raising their hands a beginning to shuffle in a zombie like fashion towards Cuthberto Crucesignati. Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite attempted to summon the power of St Cuthbert but forgot the words and dropped his holy symbol. Luckly the Bushwacking brothers of Bastard and Raymond the Purifier began the process of chopping the zombies to pieces. Cuthberto Crucesignati left the undead corpses lying where they were chopped and continued onwards.

As they approached a larger cavern Aglardir managed to observe some very poorly disguised rushes on the floor covering a pit. Cuthberto Crucesignati stopped and began to discuss best work and health saftey practices. Unfortunately, this is when 20 kobold rushed in and began to swarm. Aglardir obviously was looking down the short pit and was taken completely by surprise. The rest of Cuthberto Crucesignati began to hack and slay. Fistandfootius Lightbringer threw some sand in the air and began muttering the first words of a sleep spell, finishing off with a dramatic flourish as 12 slumped unconscious. Cuthberto Crucesignati on mass dispatched the rest with almost no injuries, the sleeping kobolds were inhumanely put down by Bastard. Searching for treasure resulted in almost nothing…

The next chamber contained a whole pile of dead kobolds who began to get up off the ground and mutter “brains mmm”. Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite strode forth and using the mighty power of St Cuthbert caused 8 of the 15 zombie kobolds to cower from St cuthberts mighty power. Battle was entered again by the Bushwacking brothers and Grithnir. Aglardir was again taken by surprise. Fistandfootius stood back realising that his comprehend languages spell might have no effect. Thankfully the zombies in combat were defeated, and the remaining poor creatures were shot to destruction by Aglardir and Raymond as the cowered from the after effects of St Cuthbert. Mighty treasure was found, including a pile of silver coins and gems. Debate raged inside Cuthberto Crucesignati as who should receive the funds. Lord Jaysen successful argued that as the highest member of the church of St Cuthbert in the region he should receive the tithe from Grithnir.

Carrying on through this very odd mine, Cuthberto Crucesignati came across a pile of bones, that evilly animated causing three ogre sized skeletons to arise. Again Lord Jaysen stepped forward causing these to shuffle backwards and hacked one at a time into small pieces by Grithnir, Bastard & Raymond.

A large cavern (not quite covered by light) revealed a water source, however, two crossbow bolts were shot at Aglardir from the darkness. Aglardir displayed his dancing qualities and dodged both bolts. The fighter types charged off into the darkness. Two Druegar dwarves dropped their crossbows and started swinging their picks. However behind them was a Druegar priest of IUZ. Both Rangers sworn to Iuz’s destruction simply ran round the waiting dwarves and began to chop the armoured priest to pieces. Aglardir and Grithnir engaged the Druegar pick swingers and missed. Finally Jaysen arrived and took a beating from on of the foul minions of Iuz, which resulted in the use of the healing skill and Cure Light Wounds spell. In the next round the priest was slaughtered by Bastard and Raymond, Grithnir knocked the first Druegar down, Aglardir missed. Grithnir shouted “surrender fiend in the name of St Cuthbert and all that is holy”. Unfortunately, remianing Druegar don’t speak common (only undercommon) and didn’t understand the kind sentiments from Grithnir, and continued on fighting, only to be surrounded and chopped down by a variety of blades and clubs.

Panting with exertion the Day ended. Sancti Cuthberti in lucem tenebras inducere

Slings and Arrows
Starting out but travelling far

In the central plaza in the Free city of Greyhawk, the bells of the Catherdral to St Cuthbert began to ring though magical means. The party of unknown origins assembled to watch events unfold. Attempts to enter the bell tower failed. Physical force failed, even the high priest of St Cuthbert failed, as the organ in the Catherdral played by itself. A doorway appeared, to the surprise of the St Cuthbert Clerics. The high Priest saw the group staring in and asked them to investigate.

Cuthberto Crucesignati (St Cuthberts Crusaders) gathered their meagre equipment and prepared to investigate.

Entering the Portal went Grithnir, “Hammer of St Cuthbert” and Lord Jaysen Hastlewaite, followed by Raymond the Purifier and Bastard, lastly came the magical duo of Fistandfootius the Lightbringer and Aglardir.

Several corridors led off a central camber. The room on the left contained two alters and full of webs, as the Cuthberto Crucesignati arrived large spiders shuffled in to attack. One was wounded by darts as the spiders jumped into attack. Grithnir stood rock still in surprise. As the spiders engaged, they were splatted by well timed hits from Raymond, Bastard and Jaysen. Aglardir, being an elf moved and fired a well timed shot with his bow at another spider. A spider chomped on Bastard and pumped poison into his bloodstream. Bastard not surprisingly screamed BASTARD! The remaining spiders rushed in to be hacked into pieces by the group. Fortunately the High Priest of St Cuthbert managed to get to Bastard in time and neutralized the poison before it could do further harm. Several coins were found, prayers were uttered and Bastard said “Bastard!” more emphatically then he normally would have.

Upon investigation the opposite room held a swarm of Giant Labrador sized rats that attacked immediately. As the battle was joined several rats were splatted, Fistandfootius, anxious to make up for his no-show agains the spiders, cast a sleep spell causing the rest to fall asleep. The rats were put down as humanely (and Elfely) as possible, after being declared to be a risk to innocent life and a blasphamy against St Cuthbert. After the levers behind each of the alters was pulled, the portcullis blocking the route to another chamber opened.

In this chamber a black portal beckoned them. The High Priest strode though shaming the nervous nellies, who followed behind. Another chamber revealed itself. The High priest attempted to go back through the portal, but turned into a pile of goo on the ground. Several prayers were said by the religious types over his very dead corpse. A sign was read revealing that the portal was not working. Oppps and Onward. Outside of the complex revealed a small village and not the City of Greyhawk. They had obviously travelled by some gate to somewhere else. Several Golden lizard people approached the party from the village. Grithnir, glowing in his goodly radiance, strode forward and spoke gently. The Lizards revealed that they were under constant attack from evil and needed Cuthberto Crucesignati’s help. Grithnir immediately agreed to assist.

Cuthberto Crucesignati were barely inside the Village when a warning cry went up announcing that another attack was imminent. Rushing to the walls, revealed a force of Kobolds approaching from the forest. Once they reached 100 yards, Aglardir and Raymond began to empty their longbow quivers at the approaching enemy. The first wave of 10 were slain but another force of 10 left the forest only to also be cut down by bow-fire. Arrows soon became in short supply as another even larger force left the confines of the forest. Six were slain by arrows from Raymond and Darts thrown by Bastard. Several arrows were fired from the forest edge at the wall, presumably in an honorable effort to resupply the defenders dwindling supply of arrows. Two unlucky villages were hit and knocked off the wall, luckly Lord Jaysen was able to apply first aid and then cast Cure Light Wounds. The remaining party waited by the flimsy gate, brandishing swords Cudgels (and oddly Sand and Rose petals). As the gate bulged and finaly broke under attacks from a battering ram, Fistandfootius cast a Sleep spell putting 10 Kobolds to sleep as a mighty Burning Hands by Aglardir wounded many and strained the morale of the survivors. Hand to hand combat began. Grithnir, Jayden, Aglardir, Raymond and Bastard slew the wounded kobolds easily. The Hobgoblin on the wall retreated as his forces were destroyed.

The Cuthberto Crucesignati prayed, regrouped, and debated tracking the kobolds back to their lair. However, the villagers begged the party to help find their missing brethren in the local mine only one mile away. Never ones to turn down the oppurtunity to venture into black pits surrounded by hordes of foul chittering enemies the Cuthberto Crucesignati readily agreed.


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