Into The Unknown

Gate to Iuz

Trouble at the fence

As the Crucesignati waited in the village assisting them to get back on their feet and generally doing good works, a farmer’s wife coming running into the town saying that her husband had vanished after checking the fences last night. Like a shot the Crucesignati agreed to investigate this conundrum.

Unfortunately, both Rangers investigating the area immediately poked themselves in the eye and failed to find the tracks of the 10 possible orcs who had kidnapped the farmer. A search line was initiated and they traipsed off into the woods only the loose the tracks again. A different approach of bait and trap was started. Raymond disquised others, but not himself as Fistandfootius stood as bait. Fortunately, he wasn’t required as the orcs left the forest and sacrifice the farmer with a blood knife in an evil circle, before anyone could say “hey”. The Crucesignati immediately sprinted over towards the orcs and began to lightning bolt, and sleep spells and hack the orcs into smaller pieces. Unfortunately, the gate remained open as more evil creatures were entering. 10 more orcs, smoke demons, ogre, and hill giant and then a fire giant.

Aglardir stayed on the left flank hacking badly at demons as the rangers slew the right flank with well timed hacks. Grithnir and Lord Jaysen boldly stood into the middle and summoned the big bads towards them with taunting and general stupidity. Fistandfootius stood back and cast his most devastating spells with great effect. The hill giant was engaged and slain by the Rangers in a most efficient manner. The Fire giant then emerged through the portal and began to attack the gaggle of fighers types. As Grithnir deflected the ogres club, he was struck by the Fire Giant, wounding him mightily. Grithnir finished off the ogre, heavily wounded by a powerful flame arrow from Fistandfootius. Eventually, after much damage was avoided, the Fire Giant was slain, through a combined team effort. An even larger black shape could be seen beginning to emerge from the portal, an adult Black Dragon. Crucesignati pants were full as Aglardir finally realized the folly of staying to hack the evil as it came through the gate and rushed over to pulled to pulsating dagger from the dead farmers back. The gate closed trapping the frustrated TPK dragon on the other side, and completely saving the day. All hail the smart quick thinking of the elf!

Day ends as wounds were bound.


Twas Fistandfootius that did puzzle out that the dagger was the key. The dullard elf merely pulled it out. Glory hound.

Gate to Iuz

Saying it in your head does not count…..

Gate to Iuz


Gate to Iuz

True, it WAS Aglardir who said it first (and acted on it). Fistandfootius confirmed it 15 seconds later. Now be a good LG type and pass on the credit!

Gate to Iuz

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