Into The Unknown

The Battle of Big Circle Clearing

Assault on the foul Enemies forest stronghold

Cuthberto Crucesignati enjoyed a well earned rest in the village after the adventures down the mine. A Raven was befriended by Bastard who with this druidic powers learnt how to see using its eyes. As Bastards eyes rolled backwards exposing only the whites, his head tilted backwards and a small crowing noise eniminated from his pursed lips. After several moments he returned to normal informing the Crucesignati that a force of hobgoblins and goblins were approaching through the forest. (clearly a comprehend languages spell was involved somewhere) Aglardir left quickly to scout out the forest using his elven camouflage techniques and his ability to smell like pinecones.

The Hobgoblins and goblins charged out of the forest only to be shot at and killed by a very powerful sling from Bastard, arrows from Raymond, a surprising (that it hit) sling stone from Fistandfootius and a ninja like shot from Aglidar from the forest that struck a goblin in back. As the Attacking force got closer more were shot down by the Crucesignati, including a Hobgoblin doing the best Platoon impersonation as it was shot in the back by Agalardir. Several more goblins became entangled in the area by a Bastard drudic spell.
Eventually the hobgoblins reached the wall only to be mowed down by the ballista like, thrown dart machine gun that is Bastard. The Goblins joined the fray at the gate, only to fall asleep as more sand was thrown by Fistandfootius. The remaining Hobgoblin was very quickly dispatched as the gates were opened and Grithnir and Lord Jasen attacked. The Entangled goblins in the field were euthanized. Cuthberto Crucesignati after absolutely no debate decided to track the attackers back to their lair.

With Raymond and Bastards tracking ability a half mile out into the forest a goblin encampment was found. Thanks to Raymond’s planning ability the Cuthberto Crucesignati gained surprise and rushed out of the forest and into the emeny camp before the Goblins knew what hit them. Eight died in the first round, all with surprised expressions on their faces. The remaining were slaughted quickly in the next minute, all with angry expressions on their faces. A search of the camp uncovered the body of a ranger tied up inside the central pavilion. He was found to be wearing a magical longsword +1 and studded leather armour +1 . Some large amount of coins were counted and divided up. Raymond was presented the armour in recognition of his planning ability, while Aglardir had to argue strenuously that he deserved the longsword (but was given it despite this).

More tracks lead out of the clearing towards the distance. Bastard led the way as Raymond had unfortunately poked himself in the eye with his new armour and claimed he couldn’t find an elephant next to him. After 10 miles trek through the forest another encampment was found. Agalardir scouted the peripheral to reveal an Altar and six large tents. Raymond planned the perfect attack again (which basically involved shooting the guards until the enraged creatures attacked and then slaughtering them, subtlety thy name is Raymond). Aglardir shot the first goblin guard as he stood surprised and then the second as the force of Cuthberto Crucesignati led by Grithnir emerged from the forest to entice the goblins and hobgoblins to attack. Fistandfootius stood behind the party and put a large grouping of goblins to sleep as they charged in. Most of the first wave of hobgoblins and goblins died attacking Cuthberto Crucesignati in the first round. However more Hobgoblins, an ogre and a force of bugbears emerged from tents and charged to attack.
The Hobgoblins were quickly cut down by Raymond and Bastard, Jaysen and Aglardir blocked the bugbears from attacking Fistandfootius, while Grithnir attacked the Ogre. Grithnir cleverly managed to block the ogre’s improvised club (made from an entire bed) with his shield. Fistandfootius put two of the bugbears to sleep with his sleep spell. The Cuthberto Crucesignati were affected by some evil magic but carried on anyway. Fistandfootius spotted the evil cleric in a nearby tent and shouted a warning. He briefly pondered casting Armour on him before thinking better of it and doing nothing. Bastard on hearing the rumour of an evil cleric ran off through the tents but didn’t spot anything.

The Ogre was slain by Raymond and Bastard as Grithnir cleverly blocked the large bed club again. The dead hobgoblins arose from the ground as Zombies, but Lord Jaysen asked them to go away in St Cuthbert’s name and they shuffled off. Aglardir stood toe to belly button with the bugbears hacking away to small effect. Fistandfoorius stood behind him shouting encouragement and threatening the Bugbears with dire 2nd level Magics.
Finally after his zombies were scared off, the plate mail wearing cleric of Iuz emerged from the tent to attack Grithnir, apparently oblivious to Bastard and the puritanical Raymond lurking nearby. Raymond and Bastard took great joy, but little time, in dispatching the dark gods minion. Grithnir swinging at empty air again left to join the fight against the Bugbears with Jaysen and Aglardir. The bugbears were eventually slain as the zombies were dispatched by Raymond and Bastard. A search of the camp revealed the blood stained Altar and little treasure (some gems and magical arrows). The Alter was purified and destroyed by Lord Jaysen as the cleric’s evil armour was cleaned and given to Grithir.

Cuthberto Crucesignati continued to follow the tracks leading to a fortified town. The smiling Grithnir approached some peasant lizardman working in the fields. They gave a noncommittal response to his polite enquires so the Crucesignati continued towards the town’s gate. Two guards were approached by Grithnir who exclaimed that it was ok as he was a Paladin of St Cuthbert. Clearly in their language Paladin mean travelling cart salesman or politician as they attacked immediately. In defense of their own the Cuthberto Crucesignati attacked and killed the guards quickly, before deciding to retreat. (RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!)

Day ends as the Cuthberto Crucesignati retreated back to the forest to consider their options.


I think we need to talk to one of these peasant farmers and see what’s actually going on here. They are a different colour than the gate guards so possibly might help.

I can also cast ESP 1/day now so that could help us to delve into the goings on around here. Either that, I need to loan Grithnir’s club and beguile one of these peasants (mutter mutter) if he can’t charm them.

The Battle of Big Circle Clearing

I say that they have proved themselves impure in the face of the Holy Grithnir. We should attack the town FULL NOISE. Take down the barracks and then put the population to the sword in Cuthberts Holy name our own Constantinople!


The Battle of Big Circle Clearing

(or you know someone could prey and ask for a sign)

The Battle of Big Circle Clearing

As they apear to be an agrarian society with no Animals being hurt …. Bastard would leave them be…. the only reason he attacted as they menacingly lifted their two handed swords toward Grithnir and Lord Jaysen.

We should put up our hoods and investigate, leave them alone (unless they hurt nature animals or want our help).

The Battle of Big Circle Clearing

I bet you Bastard runs around throwing blood at celebraties wearing Fur Coats. Anyone wearing leather armour look out, he might target you next.

The Battle of Big Circle Clearing

Grithnir was going to offer the platemail to Lord Jaysen as he does get hit a lot more often…
We should head back to our starting village and have a chat with our yellow lizard friends about the different colours of the Lizards and find out what it means…

The Battle of Big Circle Clearing

Nay for is it not blessed in the eyes of the lord to not give the plate mail to the non fighter type. Not that you need Armour you seem to have a handle on the whole shield parry thing. I think perchance that Lord Jaysen is to brave and should actually be watching from the side lines with the wheezy asmatic kids (ie Fistandfootius)

The Battle of Big Circle Clearing

Actually, I concur with The esteemible Grithnir. Gaining some insight on the Colour of the differing Lizards would help

The Battle of Big Circle Clearing

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