Fistandfootius Lightbringer



Level 5 Mage
Lawful Good
Human, 17 years old, 6ft 175 pnds
HP 28
AC 3 (Dex and Armour Spell)

INT 18
WIS 15
DEX 17
CON 16
CHR 10

Natural THACO 20 Actual THACO 20
Attacks x1 – Staff -Iron Shod D6+1 (+2 to speed Factor)
Melfs Acid Arrow – THACO 17

Spells 6x 1st level,4x 2nd level, 2 × 3rd Level

1st Level:
Sleep, Armour, Comprehend Languages,Shield, Detect Magic, Burning Hands,Erase, Magic Missile, Nystals Magical Aura
2nd Level:
Melfs acid Arrow, Forget, Knock, Mirror Image
3rd Level
Flame Arrow, Lightning bolt

Magic Items
Necklace of adaption

Clothes, Boots
Hooded Cloak
Iron Shod Staff
Water skin

Bandoleer – Pouch
Flint and steel
10 Vials of Oil for lantern
Dagger in Sheaf attached to strap
2x Vials Of Holy Water

Deluxe leather Backpack
Bullseye Lantern (Attached to Backpack)
50 Foot Rope (Attached to Backpack)
Spell Book,
Trail Rations
Cooking Pan (Attached to Backpack
Sack of Tea
Various Cooking Spices (Salt Pepper etc)

Weapon Proficiency – Staff

Non Weapon Proficiencies
Read Write
Elven (High)
Elven (Grey)
Ancient History
Direction Sense

Fistandfootius is a touch over 6’0 tall and has the wiry build someone to whom exercise is something that happens to other people. At barely 17 years of age he is desperate to appear older and wiser/ In order to do so he is attempting to grow a beard but so far has manages a rather pathetic whispy beard which he checks every morning to judge its progress. Eager to please and be liked he is a very agreeable young man eager to aid those in need and see that those who hurt others are punished.


Fitandfootius is the Seventh son of a Seventh Son who was in turn a seventh son. As you can imagine the house was pretty crowded. At a year old Fistandfootius could speak as well as most adults. By 4 he could speak, read and write in 4 languages. By 10 he was casting cantrips after seeing them performed once. Truly here was a natural mage. His family packed him off to a local Wizard to be his apprentice. This good and wise old mage has done his best to teach and guide his young apprentice but realised that the young man was growing more restless and unsettled by the day. He saw that he needed to get out and gain some experience in the real world. And so has packed him off with a letter of introduction to an old Cleric friend of his with the Church of St Cuthbert.

Fistandfootius Lightbringer

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