Grithnir, "Hammer of St Cuthbert"

Quis Pulsat Malleus


Class(es) Paladin (Divinate Kit)
Level 5
Age 19 Gender Male Height 5’11" Weight 160lb Race Human
Alignment: Lawful Good THAC0: 16
Full HP: 36 AC: -4 (Fullplate+2 & Shield+2)
Experience Points: 27813

STR: 12 (18/00) INT: 11 WIS: 15 DEX: 8 CON: 15 CHR: 18
P/P/DM: 9 Pet/Poly: 10 R/S/W: 11 BW: 12 Spells: 12 (11)

Paladin Abilities
Lay on Hands
Immunity to disease
Cure Disease
Aura of Protection 10’r
Detect Evil
Turn Undead
Extra Sphere (charm)
Call Warhorse

Iron Shod Club: THAC0: 13 SF: 6 Damage: 1d6+7 Attacks: 1
Mace+2 THAC0: 11 SF: 6 Damage: 1d6+9 Attacks: 1

Parry (Shield+2). THAC0: 9

Weapon Proficiencies
Tight Group Clubbing (club, mace (foot and horse), war-hammer, morning star, belaying pin)
Weapon & Shield specialisation x2

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Religion (15)
Etiquette (18)
Land based Riding (18)
Read/Write (11)
Poetry (lyrical) (9)

Money Carried
PP GP 37 SP 99 CP Gems 1×10gp

Items Carried
Backpack, Starburst Holy Symbol,
Armour: Fullplate+2 and Shield+2
Weapons: Iron Shod Club “St Cuthbert’s Judgement”, Mace +2
Rings: Ring of Ogre Strength


Given away to the Church at birth, Grithnir knows nothing but the Church of Saint Cuthbert. His lifes goal is to help those who cannot help themselves and bring them into the light of St Cuthbert. He is a defender of the weak and down-trodden and will offer his help (and St Cuthbert’s) to all who need it.
For some reason, Grithnir has recently become somewhat nervous of Centipedes…

Grithnir, "Hammer of St Cuthbert"

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